Friday, January 27, 2012

A reader review

"The story is about Kanan Mehra aka Kay, a suburban home maker in Mumbai who recounts her life in a sequence of witty narratives laced with funky attitude. Recent murders in her apartment lead this uber housewife to ditch her fears and reluctantly aid in solving the case. In the centre of the storm by virtue of being the last person to have seen one victim and the first one to chance upon the other, Kay’s otherwise seemingly perfect life takes a tumble as she finds herself inadequate to deal with strangers including the policemen. No, she does not actually find the hand behind the gruesome acts like Poirot or Miss Marple, nor is this story a typical whoddunit ; but the tale is more  a spin on kay’s actions & reactions, a recount of her daily life going through a variety of sizzle.
I could connect to kay and why not ? – Wardrobe dilemma, battling bulges, grin & bear the maids saga , PTA woes, keeping the hyper kids engaged are some issues that will definitely ring a bell in all of us at some point or the other. Also, being a Cancerian myself, there was a lot of bon-homie with the protagonist !
Hooked to the book , I was chuckling away merrily even as I was waiting for my son’s progress report (btw, he is a preschooler ) inviting a few curious glances from some parents :D  That’s how much I enjoyed the read !
Coming to the characters, they are lively and well-etched. The perfect albeit serious hubby, adrenaline junkie son, pot-pourri of vibrant neighbours to the typical policeman, the people around Kay’s life are colourful & engaging."
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