Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And here's what MamaSaysSo says....

..."This post is a particularly special one. It's been one that I have been waiting with baited breath to write for well over a couple months, ever since the lovely Kiran Manral, of KarmicKids, FortyAndCounting and IndiaHelps fame and a very dear friend, announced that she had written her first novel.

Last week, the big moment finally arrived and The Reluctant Detective went on sale. I jumped at the opportunity to order the book from Flipkart. I had hoped to actually read the book before I wrote this but a life with no time to blog also leaves me with less time to read so I am just a few chapters down. But it's been a totally fun read so far - with laughs on every page, a very relatable lead character and a rollicking pace that makes me long for the days when I had the luxury of getting through a book in one sitting."

To read more, go here.

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