Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In which Kanan gets likened to Precious...

...in this lovely review by Swarna Rajagopalan.

"I enjoyed the depiction of 'society' (as in housing cooperative society) life very much. If you have lived in Bombay, and lived in a building with a buzzing society (inevitably), you will find many familiar faces. It's a particular universe that I want to suggest is unique to Bombay, combining the anonymity of big cities (the reluctant detective barely knows her murdered neighbour) with the social norms of a small town 'colony' that has grown around a company's factory (being particular about condolence calls). 

I am not sure why this book is being marketed as a murder mystery. What it does is paint the portrait of a particular kind of lifestyle and people who live in a particular kind of community. The murder is almost just a hook--a reason to show us how people call each other, share news, etc.--and I wonder if Kiran Manral was as reluctant to have this label attached as Kanan Mehra is to do detective work. In this, "The Reluctant Detective" is a lot like the Precious Ramotswe books (which I love) where the detective work is almost an excuse to introduce us to life and manners in Botswana.

If this is to be the first of many Kanan Mehra books, I can see that they have the potential to gently and humorously document a world which is quirky and full of people we might know. Maybe they don't need to unnecessarily kill people off for that to happen.

So buy this book and read it. It's the perfect journey read, or evening read on that work trip where you just want quiet time with a book after talking all day, or for a person who has just finished taking demanding entrance exams.

Thank you, Kiran, and I hope you will keep them coming! "

Read more here.

And my book is reviewed by IBNLive books...

It isn't easy to write by mixing almost two genres together. It takes not only gumption but also some good writing skill. When I first started reading, 'The Reluctant Detective' I did not think much of it. I mean come to think of it, here is an almost bored housewife (well not really bored) and she has the habit of poking her nose in other people's affairs (but obviously - as the cliché would seem), till dead bodies turn up in quick succession around her and how she teams up with a detective friend to solve them.
So that is the plot in a nutshell. As I however read further (give it beyond the first three chapters), I was taken in into the book. Kay's (Her name is Kanan Mehra) exaggerations and little vanities add the much needed humour in this one. Runa is the main detective, while it is Kay who happens to stumble on most clues as they go along solving the crime/s.
What I found most fascinating in the entire book, was how Ms. Manral has managed to create a character (interesting one at that you might note) out of the ordinary, whose major problem is controlling her cellulite and being first in queue at the next sale. Kay's character is well-etched and for one most housewives would be able to relate to her, or at least some parts of who she is. The humour in the book doesn't let the mystery element get ignored and vice-versa."

Read more here.

A Giveaway on Sunny Days

Want to win a copy of The Reluctant Detective? Or two? Here's a lovely contest you can take part in:


Sunday, January 29, 2012

A reading at Happy Planet, Powai

Soma Ghosh, she of the lovely eyes and the lovelier voice, and I read out excerpts from The Reluctant Detective at Happy Planet Powai.

The reading was followed by a discussion on parenting challenges we face in the current urban context. Much fun was had.

Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

...it would not be Aneela, if her review didn't bring in Bollywood right up centrestage, would it. Here's what she has to say about The Reluctant Detective.

"Kiran Manral uses a breathless narrative, the protagonist tugging at your elbow, speeding you through a mad, spiralling, series of events, opening up a world that never existed beyond a cursory nod at the They Also Occupy My Scope of Vision.

Manral uses the cunning device of a murder/mystery plot to reel us in. The quick deaths (rather murders) are but a vehicle to conduct what can be best identified as a social commentary on the Life and Times of (what the book blurb dubs as the) School Gate Mom. Who is this curious creature? The book title (in a very attention-grabbing font) might announce the introduction of The Reluctant Detective, but the book screams The Reluctant Homemaker. Who are these mysterious women amidst us who power walk the malls, nervously negotiate The Help, escape domesticity in extended phone calls to parents and ex-school mates, despair at their children, and alternate between shadow boxing and tip-toeing around the spouse? They look confident in the flesh and many a time have had me shaking in my boots in real life as they stand next to me at supermarkets, school parking lots all color coordinated, well coiffed,. But Manral through the very endearing Kanan “Kay” Mehra unpacks the bundle of nerves and anxiety this seemingly “put together” woman is. There are still questions (but perhaps that is another book) of why the daughters of straight talking government servants and thrifty mothers have turned out so complex and anxious about their place in the world, with that fake Chanel mini and LV rip-offs providing much succor to make life a wee bit more meaningful."
Read more here.

Friday, January 27, 2012


I am coming to your city. And I will be chatting with Smriti Lamech, noted writer and journalist, about my book and other things of interest. Please do come across to say hello.
Feb 4th, 6.30 pm. Quill and Canvas, South Point, DLF, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon.

A reader review

"The story is about Kanan Mehra aka Kay, a suburban home maker in Mumbai who recounts her life in a sequence of witty narratives laced with funky attitude. Recent murders in her apartment lead this uber housewife to ditch her fears and reluctantly aid in solving the case. In the centre of the storm by virtue of being the last person to have seen one victim and the first one to chance upon the other, Kay’s otherwise seemingly perfect life takes a tumble as she finds herself inadequate to deal with strangers including the policemen. No, she does not actually find the hand behind the gruesome acts like Poirot or Miss Marple, nor is this story a typical whoddunit ; but the tale is more  a spin on kay’s actions & reactions, a recount of her daily life going through a variety of sizzle.
I could connect to kay and why not ? – Wardrobe dilemma, battling bulges, grin & bear the maids saga , PTA woes, keeping the hyper kids engaged are some issues that will definitely ring a bell in all of us at some point or the other. Also, being a Cancerian myself, there was a lot of bon-homie with the protagonist !
Hooked to the book , I was chuckling away merrily even as I was waiting for my son’s progress report (btw, he is a preschooler ) inviting a few curious glances from some parents :D  That’s how much I enjoyed the read !
Coming to the characters, they are lively and well-etched. The perfect albeit serious hubby, adrenaline junkie son, pot-pourri of vibrant neighbours to the typical policeman, the people around Kay’s life are colourful & engaging."
Read more here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Fast, well paced and will keep you glued till you finish it."

A review by TheHungryReader:

"It isn’t easy to write by mixing almost two genres together. It takes not only gumption but also some good writing skill. When I first started reading, “The Reluctant Detective” I did not think much of it. I mean come to think of it, here is an almost bored housewife (well not really bored) and she has the habit of poking her nose in other people’s affairs (but obviously – as the cliché would seem), till dead bodies turn up in quick succession around her and how she teams up with a detective friend to solve them.
So that is the plot in a nutshell. As I however read further (give it beyond the first three chapters), I was taken in into the book. Kay’s (Her name is Kanan Mehra) exaggerations and little vanities add the much needed humour in this one. Runa is the main detective, while it is Kay who happens to stumble on most clues as they go along solving the crime/s.
What I found most fascinating in the entire book, was how Ms. Manral has managed to create a character (interesting one at that you might note) out of the ordinary, whose major problem is controlling her cellulite and being first in queue at the next sale."

Read more here.

Want to review The Reluctant Detective?

Blogadda has ten copies to give away to ten lucky bloggers and psst, I've enclosed signed personal notes from me with them.


And shots of the book on display across bookstores in India

These shots are very precious to me, so if you visit a bookstore anywhere in the country and you spot my book on display, please do click it and mail me the picture at kiranmanral@gmail.com. And if it isn't on display, I give you full authority to make a right fuss and insist it is.

At Granth bookstore at Juhu in Mumbai

At Teksons, Defence Colony, Delhi

At Crossword, Amanora Mall, Pune

At Crossword, Select City, Hyderabad

Om Book Shop PVR Saket, Delhi

At the entrance of Landmark, Chennai.

Bahrisons, Saket, Delhi

Looking forward to getting pictures of the book from all you wonderful people, whenever you spot it in a store.

And this, from the effervescent Chandni

"Kiran’s first book, a novel, The Reluctant Detective is out now and up for grabs! It says “ When a thirtysomething housewife gets entangled with murders which are no business of hers, a reluctant detective is born”. 
Well, hardly a description of the usual chiclit I’d say! And hence I believe it isn’t. I’d like to think its modern Indian fiction, contemporary in story telling as well as setting. And like all friends who get their back stage moment, I can proudly say, “Hey, I have friends who are authors, you know??”."

Read more here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And I'm on Radio Parul

...interviewed by our very own Parul Sharma.

"They say this is the best time in India to get published. Everyone knows at least one person who is writing or has written a book. What are your views on the subject? Some people say that a lot of this writing is strictly mediocre. What gives?
I think there is a growing segment of people who are interested in writing from India that they can relate to, which is not exoticised or romanticised. Also, there is an entire generation of people who have grown up with English as their primary language in education and who are more comfortable in this language, reading and writing than their mother tongue. Also 'being an author' seems to be a glamorous profession these days, and with authors from very diverse backgrounds, giving up day jobs to get into serious writing, it seems to be here to stay for a while. Apart from this, there is a demand for writing that spans the gamut from that which is easily read, to that which is, err, meatier. A lot of the writing might be mediocre, who am I to judge or comment on that, a lot of it might be in a language and syntax that the modern Indian reader is comfortable with, but I feel there will be a shake out, and eventually the spate to get published will abate and the wheat as they say will separate from the chaff."

To read the rest of the interview, go here.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lavanya D does an interview on her blog with me

"Unless you have been living under a virtual rock, you cannot but know that one of our own, blogger and uber Twitterer Kiran Manral, is now a published author and her first book, The Reluctant Detective, is now available in all bookstores. She is doing various book reading sessions across the country – she is at Happy Planet, Powai on 29 January and in Gurgaon on 4 February. She is also planning to come down South to Bangalore and Chennai! Before she starts whizzing around the country, she happily answers a few questions for my readers.
Read on!
First of all, congratulations! How does it feel to see your name on the spine of a book?
It is still to sink in honestly. I got a copy in my hands yesterday and I had to pinch myself to believe it."

Read more here

Happy Planet, Powai, Jan 29th 4 pm

And my darling behenaa CeeKay puts this up

"The much eagerly awaited book written by a talented writer and a dear friend, Kiran Manral, is finally out and on the bookshelves. Go get it!! I get the bragging rights because I NOW KNOW A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! I haven't been able to get my hands on the book yet but that will be soon rectified. In the meanwhile YOU get the book and tell me how you like it. Go on."


A post by Kumar Luv

"Finally, today I found another novelist who I would like to read again – Kiran Manral. Her debut The Reluctant Detective is immensely enjoyable, and the voice of her narrator is a voice that I recognize immediately. That, of course, is very close to the voice of her blog and tweets – her own voice. Well, if you have read her online, you know exactly what to expect. The humor – ah what won't I give to just sit down for a coffee with her and listen her joke about everyone around (including myself). I only know a little of her online personality – but the novel makes me feel that she has put parts of herself into the work, nothing else could have made it this honest.

A must read. My mom, after looking at the author's blog, had said - why just a blog, a whole book could be written on such a cute child - I, too, am waiting for that one."

Read more here.

A review at Ginger Chai by Divya

"if you are looking for some fun loving, rib ticking book with a wry humor which also makes you connect with the daily lives of a common man, ‘The Reluctant Detective’ (TRD) is the one you should spend on. It is a story of Kay who lives in Mumbai, has a 5 year old kid who keeps her on toes, who is overweight like couple of us, struggles as a jogger to knock of those extra pounds, worships her maids who come to clean her house and cook; doesn’t it remind us of as one of the amongst us? She has a habit of poking her nose everywhere including where it is not required to. Her purse is more of make-up kit and you will never find something useful which one requires in emergency like a safety pin! She has to shop for XL size and suffers from the jealousy pangs whenever she has to look at friends who are size zero. So how she goes on to become a detective and that too a reluctant one is the story all about….
The story moves at a fast pace, Kay takes the readers through a daily routine of a bored housewife with apt details, not to miss the ‘dreaded PTAs’, ‘the girly gangs out for lunch’, ‘a handsome husband who has put a limit to her debit card’, and of course ‘the full wardrobe of dresses still nothing to wear when it comes for an occasion’, ‘daily calls to the parents who have  it is all out there in the book and much more. The sarcasm with which Kiran has written about the daily soaps actors, the page 3 parties is really humorous. There are two murders in Kay’s locality in quick succession and her mission gets decided. She becomes a detective albeit with a realization that she may actually be not cut for this kind of job. Her detective friend Runa helps her in this mission. Whether Kay is able to find out the murderers or not is a different story altogether and how? Please read the bookJ. Oh yes! Kay is also haunted by the spirit of the dead icon wink The Reluctant Detective by Kiran Manral   review and she truly believes that the ‘spirit of dead’ is giving her some message!
The characters are lively and very much next door neighbors whom we all might bump into on daily basis. The portions involving Kay’s kiddo are really hilarious and funny! I am sure each of us as a mother would have experienced all those anecdotes. When Kay asks Kabir (yes, that’s the kid’s name) as to what he did in school, pat comes reply ‘Fusht I hit Arman, an den I pushed Ronak, an den Miss tole me tu sid quiedly in the notty corner.” So, the hapless mother asks if he got the time to study in midst of all this, Kabir responds ‘nopes’. The mother truly believes that the kid is honest! This book is a must read for all those who actually believe in going by the funny titles and cover page of the books! It is attractive, funny, light on your mind and makes a good time pass with the tongue in cheek humour."

Read more here

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The new author on the block

This from the lovely Aathira Nair:

"I have the good fortune of having interacted with Kiran Manral, over her blog and Twitter. I have just bee completely fascinated by her style, humour and usage of phrases. I have not missed a single blog post of hers since she was at 'Thirty seven and counding'. And, when I came to know that she is soon to publish a novel, it was just too thrilling. The book was sure to just be a riot knowing her writing style. I was also awed with someone I knew writing a full fledged novel. This would be the second author who I would know, maybe not too well, but at least I do know! 

I got the book the week it was out, but just finished it, with travelling, packing and such. Totally enjoyed the book and in fact when I was at the last chapter, I was reading it way more slowly than what I usually do. I just did not want it to end!  I would be writing a review too which you can come back for maybe next week, but for now here is the short question answer session which I could squeeze out of the new author on the block!"

To read the interview, go here.

"A brilliant first novel, light hearted, yet accurate & oh-so-honest in it's portrayal of modern-day urban life."

The lovely Dipali Taneja reviewed my book:

"One doesn't think of murder as a laughing matter. More than one murder, even less so. But when two murders happen in close proximity, near the housing complex in which the protagonist Kay Mehra resides, they become the raison d'etre for what is often a hilarious book.
Anyone who is familiar with Kiran Manral's blogs will recognise her self-deprecating humour, her patent exaggerations, her child's (former) speech patterns. Many of her concerns as a parent come through in the book: Kay Mehra's dread of Parent Teacher meetings in the school, for one, the child's desire for junk food another!
Detaching from the blogspeak, so to say, the book still holds true. The chapter headings themselves make you smile: In Which There is Never Anything to Wear, Close Encounters With the Police Kind, In Which Much Gaping at a Superstar Happens, In Which There Is A Typical Suburban Weekend, and so on. What is interesting is the effortless ease with which suburban life is painted, with detailed sketches of minor and major characters. Kay's compassion, empathy and her apparent psychic sensitivity make it imperative for her to get to the bottom of the murder of her fellow morning jogger, Sheetal Jaiswal, with whom she has just a nodding acquaintance."

Read more here.

So. This is me, my book and the brat on Twitter365


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In which I am a Goonda Aunty

The lovely Maya Jain writes this:


This lovely review from my niece.

Did I mention, she is just 16 and has already written for Chicken Soup for the Teenager's Soul?

And is a wonderful writer to boot.


And here's the gawjess Kaveri with her copy.....

That's the reigning goddess of twitter, @ikaveri, if you didn't recognise her. And a darling.

And Art says this

"Am currently reading The Reluctant Detective by another blogger Kiran Manral. The first chapter itself had me in splits, with the gems of self deprecating humor that are woven in by K or should I say Kay."

Read more here

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The bubbly mom to the chirpy imp says this....

"3 chapters into the book and I love it already. Fun, intriguing, girly, and filled with anecdotes. The smudged polish, the “I don’t have anything to wear” , the shoes, all bring a knowing smile. It’s an extension of her blog and the characters remind me of her family. It’s a murder mystery, written in Kiran’s style. So don’t go buying this book thinking it’s your hardcore murder mystery book. This book in all its seriousness will make you smile if not laugh. That’s her style."

Read more here.

On the Flipkart Top New Releases list today

Ranked five. My book.

Go buy it now. Here at Flipkart. Let's push it to one.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And the lovely Iya wrote this....

"Last week the book went up on sale on Flipkart and various other sites, none of which were delivering outside India (Now there is one which does). I quickly placed my order, had the book delivered to my parents, who are gladly bringing it along. They reach Singapore tomorrow and so will the book. I wanted to write this after I had read it, but the excitement factor is beyond controllable limits. So another post shall happen once I have devoured it, but from what I hear and see, I know I will love it. I mean look at the cover, it has a high heel shoe, and my love for them is no secret."

Read more here

And here's what MamaSaysSo says....

..."This post is a particularly special one. It's been one that I have been waiting with baited breath to write for well over a couple months, ever since the lovely Kiran Manral, of KarmicKids, FortyAndCounting and IndiaHelps fame and a very dear friend, announced that she had written her first novel.

Last week, the big moment finally arrived and The Reluctant Detective went on sale. I jumped at the opportunity to order the book from Flipkart. I had hoped to actually read the book before I wrote this but a life with no time to blog also leaves me with less time to read so I am just a few chapters down. But it's been a totally fun read so far - with laughs on every page, a very relatable lead character and a rollicking pace that makes me long for the days when I had the luxury of getting through a book in one sitting."

To read more, go here.

At Kitab Khana, Mumbai

@nidhidorairaj: @Kitab Khana today - @kiranmanral fyi :) pic.twitter.com/lPdYAMz

So I inspire a superfit girl to get fitter....

...and no, I'm no pin up girl for the fitness model lifestyle. Read what the now bleary eyed Shunali has to say:

"My friend Kiran Manral has written a hilarious and rather clever book called ‘The Reluctant Detective‘. The book induces such hysterical bouts of laughter in me that mild tremors are felt in my half-a-century-old family owned building each time I read a chapter from it.
The book revolves around two murders and the protagonist’s “morning constitutional”."

Read more here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Picture this

Lovely tweet from @bakingtray: @kiranmanral Read it with my nail polish & pyjamas matching the cover. Such fun! Loved it! twitpic.com/88o3z4

And my first rating on Goodreads...

Available on URead

Go here to buy. Fabulous price.


An interview at Lifezing...

....and a giveaway.


Monday, January 16, 2012

A post by Fiesty Ta

"My copy arrived last Friday and I have already dipped myself into it, head first. Fun, intriguing, girly, dreamy and filled with anecdotes, this is one book I am itching to finish. It has humor and all you women will definitely go “oooh yes! so true” when you read about the smudged nail paint and the struggles with the weight! Although, will speak more about the book when I finish it, in a different post."

Read more here

And here's what Ideasmithy says about The Reluctant Detective

" ‘The Reluctant Detective‘ is the story of Kanan Mehra (a.k.a. Kay), a privileged suburban housewife, into whose pampered life comes excitement in the form of a double murder in the neighborhood....
The title notwithstanding, the story has very little to do with her actual solving of the cases. Instead, it builds on the response from Kay’s world, right from a sudden fear of taking morning walks alone, SoBo acquaintances dismissal of the suburbs, parental paranoia & automatic restriction, gossip sagas where maidservants gain starring roles and the revival of old-but-incompatible friendships.
There is a lot of focus on Kay’s wardrobe, her battle with the bulge and domestic adventures of the maternal, spousal & housekeeping sort. Thus the setting & tone give the book a Chick Lit feel, albeit with a heroine of a different demographic (slightly older, happily married with kids, no money/career concerns etc). Don’t expect a cloak-and-dagger adventure, all ye mystery lovers. On the other hand, if you enjoy Chick Lit and wouldn’t mind trying out something other than the usual ‘single girl-gay friend-bad boyfriends-alcohol & chocolates-BFFs’ formula, ‘The Reluctant Detective‘ will give you some pleasant, easy reading."

Read more here

This about an actual ladies lunch

At Bungalow 9. Which had the ladies of twitterati in attendance. Why am I posting it here? Because it felt like a Kay thing to happen to me.
And also because I gave out signed copies of the book to all those who were there, which I do hope they're reading right now.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Here's the kind words Monika has to say...

"....when I received it two days ago, my excitement was beyond control.. the book I was reading already was ditched and to N’s horror surprise a baking order was ignored because I couldn’t put the book down :P Eventually N put some sense into my head (read screamed at me to get baking he he) and hence I haven’t been able to finish the book as of yet. But soon I will be back with a review but till now it feels exciting, gripping and funny as I thought it will be…
After all any book which starts with a struggle of what to wear to a party and how its a struggle to keep the nail polish from not smudging has to be interesting anyways ;) and yeah did I mention some handsome men and two murders."

Read more here

A post on Sunny Days about the book

 One of my favourite persons in the whole wide world, Sunayana Roy of Sunny Days, wrote about getting the book and how she didn't get much studying done. I am honoured because Sue takes her exams really seriously....

"My copies reached me last night and I've been surreptitiously dipping into one ever since (surreptitious because I have an Italian exam tomorrow and should really be studying). It's that kind of a book, you see. Easy to read, fast in its pace and drawing you further, deeper in even as you tell yourself you really need to get back to those other things you should be doing."

And a fellow blogger and a friend mentioned my book here

Two bonus posts mentioning my book yesterday came as a complete and a very pleasant surprise: 

Lilfern wrote "Like the lady herself (as she comes across on her online platforms) her book is witty and engaging. Even though it has a stiletto on the cover - the book steers clear from predictable bustledom of romance/no-mans and ensuing hormonality." 

Read more here: http://funtimesmumtimes.blogspot.com/2012/01/reading-in-new-year.html
Shunali, who I recently got back in touch with via the wonderful world of twitter, is an ex-colleague from waaaaay back, a gorgeous, statuesque girl whom I was terribly envious of re her magnificent presence, but she tempers it well by being such a lovely person. We met up after what seemed like a lifetime at the Bungalow 9 Ladies Tweet Up lunch on Saturday and I handed her a copy. She wrote: "It has been a remarkable day. I received 3 personally signed books by their respective authors. The first one was from Swapan Seth, This is all I have to Say, the second from Kiran Manral, The Reluctant Detective and the third by Thomas J. Delong, Flying without a Net. Is it not extraordinary that this hat rick of a kind has happened to me within a period of 12 hours today?
Kiran gave me her book at a fun Tweet-up kinda lunch at Bungalow 9, Bandra. Though I have not started reading her book yet, I find the cover most arresting. Shall attach a visual of it and post the conversations that visual lead to tomorrow."
Read more here: http://mumbaibuzz.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/hello-world/

Friday, January 13, 2012

ItchingToWriteBlogs reviews The Reluctant Detective

Last evening I received my copy of The Reluctant Detective. In my eagerness to reach the end of the book,
- I did not make dinner
- I ignored the kids completely
- I let them play for as long as they could and then they fell on the bed exhausted, one on each side of me
-I read till my eyes drooped and picked myself up, pushed the kids a little away from me and read again, this time to the finish
I slept with vivid dreams of cops sleeping on duty and goondas on 2 wheeler knocking on my car window and me scared to start the car because I knew that the battery was dead and didn't want the potential murderers to realize that.

Even a whiff of bad news or out of the ordinary event affects an individual no matter how unrelated the affected party is to that individual. While normal life does not stop, one continues with one's usual routine, but somewhere in the back of the mind, there remains a nagging discomfort/ sadness/ empathy with the person affected by the event. Sometimes one gets over involved to the point of obsession and tries to work out what happened, and sometimes one just maintain a mild interest without getting affected by it.
And for some, like me or the Kay in question get nightmares or other manifestations to plague them for a long time.

This is what happens to Kay Mehra. She has a morbid curiosity about everything. She is a self declared "gossip queen" and nothing passes by without going through her watchful eyes or ears.
But, a corpse is discovered near her complex and Kay is the last person who had seen her alive that day. Yet, she hears about it only at the end of the day from none other than the police.
Furthermore, she and her husband chance upon another dead body in the same spot further into the night.

Kay is more than mildly interested in this case. It is not just another piece of local gossip for her but she wants to solve it. She is involved simply by virtue of being in contact with the body before or after they became bodies from persons. Even though she did not really know either of the bodies personally.

I thought she will play the Sherlock Holmes and that's what I asked Kiran in the interview. But as she mentioned, Kay is the Watson here who sets about using her common sense and tries to go back to the crime scene and work out the possibilities.

While the murders do keep her mind occuppied, her life with her son Kabir, the spouse and her friends goes on as usual.

What I liked about the book is that it could be anyone's story. There is a lot of urban speak that one can identify with.

Read the rest of it here

Eve's Lungs review The Reluctant Detective

Kiran Manral scores a bonus with her remarkably well written debut novel “The Reluctant Detective “ – a racy story about Kanan “Kay” , a ditzy overweight shopaholic who maxes out her credit cards , feeds her son fast foods just to stop his tantrums and pokes her nose into two murders when she shouldn’t . In between she lunches , attends dreaded PTA meetings and puts up with a grouch of a husband who treats her like a juvenile and is also haunted by the spirit of the murdered woman .
Kiran’s book is full of spots of wry humour and anecdotes which tickle the funnybone ,the impossible longings for a size zero figure – at one point she considers kneeling down before a whip thin maid and begging her to be her personal trainer . Her obsession with her avoirdupois and her contradictory reluctance to ”eat healthy” make her a very plausible character .
And that is one thing which is a major plus in Kiran’s novel – the rounded three dimensional characters described with such tongue in the cheek humour – from the TV artiste whose carrer is doomed by her role of the suffering daughter in law in television megaserials , the smarmy small time actor in the Velvet Smoking Jacket , the girl gang ,the husband ,the parents viewed through telephone calls and Kay’s memory , even the little boy Kabir , so reminiscent of bratty little boys used to having their own way and Kay , of course . Very plausible , living , breathing characters , who one might meet at any time .
This is possible perhaps , because Kiran draws them from real life people she might know . The wisdom she displays in that she never strays far from the familiar , in terms of people and places , is an appreciable strength and lends deep credibility to her writing .
The style is fluid, amazingly fresh and well written and races through to a quick finish . All in all a good read which makes one wish that it was a thicker novel .
But that again is something one would have to wait for and nothing whets hunger more than the anticipation of a hearty meal , or in this case a good thick read ! Waiting for another good read , Ms Manral .

Just a little footnote about Kiran - she is a freelance writer , a blogger of repute and a media consltant from Mumbai. To her credit , she is also a social activist and the founder of India Helps which she set post the 26/11 terrorist attacks . India Helps works with disaster victims and has been responsible for the rehabilitation of a number of victims of the 26/11 attacks and others .

Read more here

And Flipkart has some reviews up

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And Boo wrote about me....

Boo. You know Boo. Of course you do. She's the mommy blogger who gets recognised at airports and have a fan following across the world. She's the one with the delightful Ashu and the impish Antu. She's the one with the sense of humour so wicked, she has me *bang my head on the wall*  (wink wink, insider joke) She wrote about me and my little book.


Danke Boo. Godblessyou.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

And this from Monika....

She of the scrumptious bakes and gorgeous photography and the even more edible Ojas.


If you would like to review the book....

...or do any post re the book, me (I'm graciously consenting to interviews these days, har har), please do mail me at kiranmanral@gmail.com.

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Danke kindly good people

And Itchy does an interview...

Itchy. Yup. Not of the Itchy and Scratchy show. But ItchingToWriteblogs. Mamma of Twins. One of the most fun mammas on the blogosphere. She did a short Q&A with me and here it is.


Want a personalised, signed copy?

Go to Dialabook and place your order here

Hurry. Yeh offer neemit samay tak hai. No. Just kidding. But do hurry yes, I want to make this book go into a reprint quick.

And the gorgeous Miss Malini talks about The Reluctant Detective

Here it is.

"2012 seems to be the year of the Indian author. If a segment of the classes don’t want Salman Rushdie to come to India for the Jaipur Literature Festival later this month, there’s a whole other section who are lapping-up novels by newer writers, most of whom have gotten published for the first time.
For instance, we had just had Kalli Puri launch a book on dieting and, stand-up comic Sorabh Pant, release his hilarious account of the atfer-life.
Now, Kiran Manral, a well-known freelance writer, blogger and media consultant who lives in Mumbai (and is also the founder of India Helps, a volunteer network which works with disaster victims), launches her first novel, The Reluctant Detective."

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And here's what a kind blogger put up....


And its at Crossword too

Right here. Go order. Or better still, go to the store and ask for it. And bang fist on table if not available. And such like.

And here is the lovely promo

Made by the super duper triple charming and ultra talented Mahjabeen Umar. Psst, people, she da gurl to go to if you want something absolutely scrumptious done by way of design and I say this not because she is my fren or because she did this promo for me but she really truly and completely is.

And since, in true Kay style...

I first created a private blog on wordpress, which I assiduously filled up with stuff in preparation for the big launch. And when the time of said big launch came forward, I found I couldn't make the said wordpress blog public. And ergo much fiddling around with settings and heartburn, and hold your breath, forgetting the eating of breakfast in the process, happened before I gave up and decided to set up a brand new blog.
So will quickly try to catch up on this blog for around six months of work on the previous one. What can I say? It's a Kay moment.

And it is here....

This is where you can order it from:




Do your good deed for the day. Go order your copy now. May you be blessed with more Choos and Louboutins than you could ever dream of.