Sunday, January 15, 2012

And a fellow blogger and a friend mentioned my book here

Two bonus posts mentioning my book yesterday came as a complete and a very pleasant surprise: 

Lilfern wrote "Like the lady herself (as she comes across on her online platforms) her book is witty and engaging. Even though it has a stiletto on the cover - the book steers clear from predictable bustledom of romance/no-mans and ensuing hormonality." 

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Shunali, who I recently got back in touch with via the wonderful world of twitter, is an ex-colleague from waaaaay back, a gorgeous, statuesque girl whom I was terribly envious of re her magnificent presence, but she tempers it well by being such a lovely person. We met up after what seemed like a lifetime at the Bungalow 9 Ladies Tweet Up lunch on Saturday and I handed her a copy. She wrote: "It has been a remarkable day. I received 3 personally signed books by their respective authors. The first one was from Swapan Seth, This is all I have to Say, the second from Kiran Manral, The Reluctant Detective and the third by Thomas J. Delong, Flying without a Net. Is it not extraordinary that this hat rick of a kind has happened to me within a period of 12 hours today?
Kiran gave me her book at a fun Tweet-up kinda lunch at Bungalow 9, Bandra. Though I have not started reading her book yet, I find the cover most arresting. Shall attach a visual of it and post the conversations that visual lead to tomorrow."
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