Monday, January 23, 2012

A post by Kumar Luv

"Finally, today I found another novelist who I would like to read again – Kiran Manral. Her debut The Reluctant Detective is immensely enjoyable, and the voice of her narrator is a voice that I recognize immediately. That, of course, is very close to the voice of her blog and tweets – her own voice. Well, if you have read her online, you know exactly what to expect. The humor – ah what won't I give to just sit down for a coffee with her and listen her joke about everyone around (including myself). I only know a little of her online personality – but the novel makes me feel that she has put parts of herself into the work, nothing else could have made it this honest.

A must read. My mom, after looking at the author's blog, had said - why just a blog, a whole book could be written on such a cute child - I, too, am waiting for that one."

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