Sunday, January 22, 2012

The new author on the block

This from the lovely Aathira Nair:

"I have the good fortune of having interacted with Kiran Manral, over her blog and Twitter. I have just bee completely fascinated by her style, humour and usage of phrases. I have not missed a single blog post of hers since she was at 'Thirty seven and counding'. And, when I came to know that she is soon to publish a novel, it was just too thrilling. The book was sure to just be a riot knowing her writing style. I was also awed with someone I knew writing a full fledged novel. This would be the second author who I would know, maybe not too well, but at least I do know! 

I got the book the week it was out, but just finished it, with travelling, packing and such. Totally enjoyed the book and in fact when I was at the last chapter, I was reading it way more slowly than what I usually do. I just did not want it to end!  I would be writing a review too which you can come back for maybe next week, but for now here is the short question answer session which I could squeeze out of the new author on the block!"

To read the interview, go here.

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