Sunday, February 12, 2012

A lovely review by Vidyut....

If you don't know Vidyut, let me introduce you to her. Firebrand, opinionated and very socially aware, she was among the rare few who voluntarily gave time and energy to our Violence Against Women Awareness Month on twitter in October 2011.
Here is what she wrote about The Reluctant Detective:

"For me, The Reluctant Detective is fascinating for its point of view. It is that candid manifestation of the thoughts of the character. Random quirks and the knack of looking at the mundane and turning it into art. And make no mistake, for a rolicking, light hearted read to pick up and inhale, this book packs a pretty solid punch in terms of depth. Yes, through the eyes of a housewife with the leisure to choose her problems and indulge in them.
I’ll to the ordinary parts of the review in two lines. Humorous, entertaining, light, extremely readable book. Contemporary fiction at its smoothest.
What I treasure about the book is its transparent, even at times naive “Kay”. The utter honesty of the train of thoughts rambling through the pages is I think what captivated me. I think like this too. I obsess over things others may think trivial too. I do invest a lot of myself in my quirky priorities. I can relate with this book, and I think that it describes the truth of the background track running in most minds."

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