Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is The Reluctant Detective a Closet Fleximom?

Sairee Chahal of Fleximoms asks this question:

"Before I go ahead, I have to confess that I have developed an immortal fear of the chiclit (or chicklit) genre – having acquired over a dozen half read, author signed copies – can’t keep, can’t sell, can’t gift!  Not a fan of the genre and add to it my distaste for gruesome murder mysteries – But having read the book, I can safely say I throughly enjoyed it – more than paisa vasool!
The Reluctant Detective is like a liquor shot inside a dark chocolate – when you pick up it up, you know you are in for a good story and an enjoyable read but as you go further it lingers – there is another layer you will never see until it hits the back of your throat. I love the double layer – in the book and in the chocolate."
Read more here.

And here are some visuals from the Fleximoms Lunch at Asia 7 on Feb 2nd, where Anita Vasudev, Natasha Badhwar and I discussed mom-dom and the workforce.

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