Sunday, February 5, 2012

Author Kiran Manral gets chatty about The Reluctant Detective

And here's what the vivacious Shakti Salgaonkar at DNA wrote:

"An avid blogger and a freelance writer, Manral’s first book is about a housewife who stumbles onto a murder mystery. “The idea of the book came by not in a day, not in a month. It was the story of so many women out there. They have a child, give up their career and what do they do with their time? They gossip, they shop, they do something to make their life more interesting,” says Manral whose protagonist stumbles into dead bodies around her as she parties, struggles with weight and plays proud mommy. Is Kanan Mehra an extension of Kiran Manral? “There are a lot of similarities like the obsession with weight, shoes and shopping and complete lack of domestic skills, but that’s where it ends. I haven’t really found corpses, you know,” she chuckles."

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