Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Reading at Zoya by Tanishq with Naomi Datta

An eclectic group of women gathered together at the lovely Zoya diamond boutique last evening for a reading and discussion of my book The Reluctant Detective. Professional women, bloggers, corporate women, women working with NGOs, working women, women who were homemakers, women entrepreneurs all congregated together. Crackling estrogen in the air.

Trays of the intoxicating stuff were being passed around, and more trays of the fascinatingly calorific stuff being passed around too, but I laid off until the reading was done, too many butterfly in the stomach moments before any reading yet for me. You would think by now, I would be less anxious about sitting in front of an audience, but no, I do get sweaty palmed and tensed before every reading in most unseemly manner.

Of course, once the reading was done, and the nerves had abated a bit, I knocked down an entire glass or two of the bubbly stuff empty stomach and was quite giggly in unseemly manner for the rest of the evening.
I needed to be giggly too, to keep myself distracted from the lovely stuff on display.

Here's a big thank you to Zoya, for hosting me. Thank you Jim, Delna, Aashish, Meghna. Thank you Kiehl's for offering all the guests consultations, and a big shout out to Anjali Pai who has been with The Reluctant Detective from Mumbai to Delhi and back. Thank you all the lovely ladies who dropped by, Rasna Behl, Arti Sarin, Sangeeta Irani, Shaan S Khanna, Neha Patodia, Kajal Nair, Rati Tripathi, Chitra Pandit, Gauri Vij and a big big thank you to Naomi Datta for doing such a superb job with asking me gentle questions.

Here are some pictures from the evening.

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