Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Kiran Manral is a freelance writer, blogger and loving mother who recently published her first book called ‘The Reluctant Detective’.  With the noble intention of helping aspiring writers, Kiran gives us the run down on what it takes for a writer to get published and get popular.

Tell us a little about The Reluctant Detective.
The Reluctant Detective is basically a humorous story about the life of a suburban housewife. She has given up her career to take care of her family. However, since she has house-help there’s not much for her to do. Two murders take place in her neighbourhood, and she somehow ends up getting involved in these murder mysteries. It’s not so much ‘Detective’ as much as much as the ‘Reluctant’ part of it.

Your husband and son seem to have influenced the book in a large way. How much of your real life has trickled its way on to the pages of this book?
There are a few things like my husband, my child, my fondness for buffets and my obsession with weight that make themselves known in the book. But I am not Kay. She’s much more hysterical. The life choices that she has made are very different from the ones I have. Even though she’s qualified, she gives up her career to take care of her family. I, was back at office three months after my son was born.

What made you take the step from blogger to author?
My mother has always believed that I will be an author. Since the time I was in college, she has been on my case. Two of my really close friends are the same. They’ve spent exceptional amounts of time pestering me to write a book. I guess I wrote it to get all of them off my back."
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