Monday, June 18, 2012

The Verve Botticino Lunch at the Trident BKC

Botticino, the Italian restaurant at the Trident invited me to read to a group of select bloggers, and I was quite delighted because these were friends I'd known since my trip to Lavasa last year. And since Verve was on board as the media partner for the event, I was all panic about hair and clothes, because, of course, I'm not a good one for the coordinated look. But with the help of Disha Waghani, a dear friend, I finally agreed to get myself into a dress. Disha has been after me for yonks to wear a dress and I've been dithering and dathering. So a dress it was, hair and make up, thankfully, taken care of by Lakme Salon, so that was immaculate and I wasn't terrified of the Bride of Frankenstein look happening.
I reached the venue to find Anuradha, Pushpa, Nisha from the blogger group, Arti Sarin and Sitanshi from Verve already waiting for me, as was Biswajeet who had put together the event. Also met Anushka Agarwal and Kainaz Daver of the Trident, such pretty ladies who totally made me feel like the country cousin with their impeccable complexions and immaculately draped sarees. Shakti joined us soon after I walked in.

I did a bit of reading excerpts from the book. What is lovely about reading to a crowd that has already read your book is that they know which bits are their favourites and know what is to come next.

And then it was time for lunch, and we moved towards the restaurant where Chef Vikas Vichare had laid out a fabulous spread for us. Here is what was on the menu:
Me, being the died in the wool carnivore I am, I opted for the roast chicken roulade, the chilli and fennel crusted snapper with olives and the Tiramisu with berry sorbet.
This was accompanied by a lovely red wine, which in my excitement, I forgot to take the details of, and given my kindergarten level knowledge of wines, wouldn't be able to comment knowledgeably about anyway.
The food was plated so exquisitely that it seemed a sin to eat it, they seemed like art forms on their own. I personally loved the way Chef Vichare had balanced the flavours so that not a single thing about each dish was overwhelming, but was a feast for the palate and the eyes. And yes, I can say the tiramisu at the Botticino is TO DIE FOR. If I'm on death row, this will be my last wish meal request, tiramisu from here.
Here's us at lunch.

 A lovely afternoon was had, and time just flew by. This reading at the Botticino, I think, would be amongst my most cherished memories of this launch campaign.

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